Laying The Neighbor

Ever since the new guy moved into my condo building, I’ve been fantasizing about him. He moved in right next door to me and our bedroom walls are right next to one another. I’ve never seen any women come or go, but I have heard what sounds like him masturbating and having an orgasm and it turns me on a lot. I’ve even masturbated when I heard him doing it and we have cum at the same time, but of course he does know about this. Last week I’d been out with my friends and had a few too many drinks and when I got on the elevator he was in there and with my inhibitions down, I could not keep my mouth shut.

I told him he sounded really sexy and I’d like to hear him in person rather than just through the bedroom wall. It took him a second to process what I was saying, and when he did he looked shocked a bit. Then he smiled and said it would be his pleasure and he invited me in for yet another drink. I knew in my condition I was kind of asking for it, and I was. I went with him and he began to masturbate for me and his sounds were even sexier than through the wall.

I was getting turned on watching and listening to him and sat down beside him and kissed him. Soon it was my hand on his cock and we made our way to the bedroom. We proceeded to have extremely passionate sex for the next several hours. I hope he’s looking for a fuck buddy, since I sure want me some more of that! He was a wonderful lover and could last and last. I do look forward to hearing his sounds in my ears again very soon.

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