His Mom Sucked Him Off

Another caller in the category of likely fantasy and not reality claims during his teenage years his mom regularly gave him blow jobs. She also fucked two of his friends apparently as well. He said she’d either ask to suck him off or he’d ask her to do the deed, though he says they never fucked. He said when he brings up the topic now, she just pretends it never happened in the first place. He said he’s never told anyone about it, since they wouldn’t understand. He said even today when he masturbates he thinks about his mom sucking his teenaged cock several times a week.

He said she’d come into his room after his dad went to sleep and she’d close the door behind her and he’d be waiting to see if she’d appear this night, since it wasn’t every night. Then he’d throw back the covers and he’d be nude on his back, his hard cock springing forth and she’d get on her knees at his bedside and take it in her hands and start to caress it and get it hard. Then her lips would lower down onto his hard shaft and she’d drool all over it to get it slippery wet.

Then she’d open her mouth wide and take the length of it down her throat and bob her head up and down. He would place his hand on the back of her head and really shove it down and fuck her mouth. He loved making her deep throat it. He would sometimes ask her after school if she’d suck him off and she usually agreed to and would get on her knees for her to orally pleasure him. Dad never found out about it, and this went on for a few years and he has fond memories of it to this day.

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