The Sounds of Pleasure

Seeing as I work with my voice, I also do voice over work of an erotic nature. One of the companies I am with paid for studio recording time and I went in to record the erotic scripts I was given. The manager of the studio was nice, and handsome as well. He was recording and listening to me as I narrated the sexy script. I looked over at him and was thinking maybe he was getting a little aroused at the sexy story I was reading. I was sure I saw the bulge in his pants get bigger as I went along.

After I finished reading, it was closing time but he asked me if I’d like to stay for a drink. I agreed and he said he really loved my voice and the story really turned him on as he was listening to it. I said that’s the idea. The client writes a sexy story and then I voice it, and then they have it forever t listen to as many times as they’d like. He asked me if I ever got turned on recording them and I said I sometimes do yes, and that I’ve masturbated after a recording session a few times.

He asked if I’d consider masturbating right her and now with him, and I somehow wanted to agree, so I did. I pulled my skirt up and my panties down and his eyes were riveted to my shaved pussy as I began to touch myself. He unzipped his pants and was watching me the entire time he stroked his cock. I liked the size of it and how he touched himself and we both just kept rubbing and rubbing and watching one another. I knew I was about to cum and I let out a terrific howl of delight as I came, my thighs shaking with the intensity of my orgasm and he shot his load and it landed on my bare thigh. I laughed as he cleaned the cum off with a tissue and apologized. It was certainly the sexiest recording session I’d ever had to date.

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