Shower Sex

The pic here made me laugh, since it looks like she’s giving the guy a karate high kick in the face in the shower, but who doesn’t love sex in the shower? Her position looks like a fall waiting to happen, but hopefully your partner would not allow you to slip and fall. You are talking slippery and wet and one foot, so it could be fraught with danger. It can also be filled with pleasure. Hot water, lots of steam, soapy, slippery hands all over your body. Water can always make for hot sexual encounters, whether alone and masturbating, or with your partner.

Make sure you have plenty of hot water, many times a tank will give you fifteen minutes and no more of hot water, so you don’t want to be approaching orgasm with ice cold water pouring over you. Try and not fall or slip, it’s not hard to do on one leg, and you may be around your partners waist, on one foot, there’s all kinds of possibilities you need to look out for, it can be a very sexy time though so enjoy it. Some people like to give blow jobs in the shower more than anywhere else, since you can thoroughly clean your partners penis and balls beforehand so no nasty surprises. The cum will all rinse away as well.

Helping to clean and groom your partner can be fun even if you don’t have sex. Find a woman who would not love her hair washed by her man. It’s sexy and sensual and feels wonderful, and there’s likely to be a lot of kisses happening as it unfolds. There’s so many sexy things you and your partner can do in the bath or shower, it’s so relaxing and cleansing and special. Add some candles and wonderful smelling bath products, and you will be sure to have a romantic evening to remember.

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