I Fucked Him With a Strap On

My boyfriend had always been curious about whether or not he’d like to take a strap on up the ass, but he just couldn’t make his mind up about it, so I bought one for him. He will sit on the fence and hem and haw for ages about all sorts of things, I usually end up making the decisions in our relationship since he’s too indecisive to do so. One night he came home and I was waiting for him wearing this. It wasn’t the sort with a harness which I think is a bit ridiculous. This kind the woman slips part of it inside herself.

It gives pleasure to me too, since when I thrust into him, it stimulates my G spot. He looked shocked when I came at him with this and I told him to get in the bedroom and strip. He did as he was told. He got on all fours on the bed. I lubed up the toy and spread his ass cheeks and told him to get ready. He tried to relax when I guided the tip of this into the opening of his asshole and I popped it in and then eased it in slowly.

He tensed a bit when I inserted it, but I reassured him and told him to stroke his cock. He did and then began to relax and get into it. I grabbed him and thrust over and over, and it felt good inside of me as well. He said he was going to cum and I sped up my thrusts and he did squirt. He then flipped me over and began to lick my pussy once he pulled the toy out of me. I was close to cumming from the internal pressure of it, but he replaced the toy with his fingers as his tongue worked my clit. I soon came and gushed on his face with my thighs clamped around his head. I was glad I’d bought it.

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