Pillow Humper

Some men like to hump their pillows when they masturbate, they call themselves pillow humpers. One of my callers proudly calls himself a pillow humper, and he prefers it to his hand. There’s lots of ways that guys get off not using their hands, pillows just being one method. One caller I’ve watched on cam gets on his back and makes these movements that look like he’s doing stomach crunches, lifting his legs, crossing them at the knees and making sit up like motions. Odd ones could actually be able to orgasm that way, but people do different things.

Some girls begin masturbating by humping their pillows as well, balling them up and mounting them and then grinding on them or rubbing back and forth in a bucking motion. Pillows see a lot more action than just having a head rested upon them during sleep. Some men that masturbate this way have told me they double the pillow over, like a taco shell, and place their dick into the folded area and fuck that until they cum. All I can think of is the mess of the pillow and pillow case afterwards and I bet they don’t change it, they likely just flip it over and sleep with it to the bed side down.

Have you used your pillow for your masturbation needs? Has it been a good experience for you? Would you like to have a phone sex call while you are fucking your pillow? That can easily be arranged. You sleep with your pillow and it’s soft and familiar, sometimes you might not have been with a real woman in a while and fucking something like a pillow that’s soft and within arms reach can seem like a natural thing to do, you aren’t alone. Give us a call while you fuck that pillow and see how much better it can be.

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