Stocking Fuck

This caller of mine has a lingerie and stocking fetish, pretty tame stuff really. He said when he was a young guy he had it really bad for this friend of his mom’s, she was a lot older than him and would not let him fuck her though. But she did let him fuck her stockings while she was wearing them and he’s been crazy about the fetish ever since. I’d honestly never heard of anyone slipping their dick between a thigh and the stocking, but he loved it and always wanted more of course.

He got a hand job by her a few times, and she showed him her pussy, but she’d never let him lick it, fuck it, or even touch it. Only her legs, feet and the stockings. She even gave him a few pair of her worn stockings and he would smell them and wrap them around his cock as he’d masturbate. This all happened decades ago, but he was quite taken with this woman’s legs and all other women since have had to measure up to her dreamy gams.

He had me describe in detail sliding the stockings on and inching them up my legs, with seams, and hitch them up to a garter belt and then he’d slide his hard cock into the side of them at the top of the garter top and away he’d go, pumping away. It was all quite innocent really as far as most calls go. To this day of course he prefers a woman in stockings and has done this with several of his girlfriends as foreplay. He likes the way it feels, and the forbidden memories of the times it brings back to him, and of course he will always wonder what it would have been like if he’d actually gotten to fuck her.

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