I Couldn’t Fail

When I was in college, I did ok in my classes except for one of the subjects, and I didn’t know what I was going to do, since I had a feeling failure was imminent. I just decided to go to the professor and confess I couldn’t fail, my parents would go ballistic after all they’d paid for me to go to college. He got this smirk on his face and said he knew a way I could pass without having to even do the work. I had a feeling I knew what he was going to say and I was right. He said I had to fuck him.

Honestly, that was a whole lot easier than having to study something for many hours I barely even grasped. He was kind of gross, nothing to look at, I didn’t like the idea of fucking him at all, but I really saw no choice in the matter so I agreed to fuck him. I met him at his home later that night and told him I was ready to do it. He was practically drooling at the prospect of it. I just thought I’d get it over with.

He led me upstairs and to his bedroom. I undressed and laid on the bed and he did quickly as well. He at least seemed clean and had a nice well cared for home. I just shut my eyes and lay there waiting for it to be over, yet he surprised me by paying so much attention to my pussy, he actually did make me cum, kind of against my will even, but I did cum from his going down on me. He then mounted me to fuck me and had a nice sized cock and could last a long time, and I did kind of get into it. I guess you cannot always judge a book by its cover and even though he wasn’t the best looking man, he wasn’t bad in bed at all. I got a wonderful grade to show my parents and they were pleased with me. If only they knew how I’d earned it.

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