Oooh Baby, Fuck My Ass!

My boyfriend is a real assman, there’s not a doubt about it. He loves to fuck my ass even more than my pussy. My pussy is tight, but of course no ones pussy is as tight as their ass. He got this special lube that’s just made for anal sex, it’s thicker and lasts longer and makes it one smooth ride. I don’t mind giving up my ass to him, he’s got such a beautiful cock and I love to please. I usually play with my clit while he fucks me from behind and make myself cum that way.

I know how he loves to not only fuck that ass of mine, but lick it after he’s paid attention to my pussy. Having his tongue go around my tight little pucker drives me wild and he’s usually got a couple of fingers in my pussy as he’s licking me and then he will usually fuck that ass of mine once more. I just never tire of it. He loves my round, firm ass cheeks and has even given me a spanking or two in the past, which I must admit I like.

One of these nights I plan on giving him a taste of his own medicine and I plan on getting a strap on and giving it to him right up his ass. I have a feeling he just might like it! I will bend him over and slather that toy with that anal lube and slide it all the way in until he’s stretched open large and really give him a good pounding. I think he will enjoy it, since he’s got a few prostate massager toys of his own I’ve seen him use on himself when he masturbates. Such a naughty, ass loving boy he is.

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