CFNM – Clothed Female, Naked Male

Some guys are really into giving the woman all the power. The CFNM phenomenon, otherwise known as clothed female naked male. One of my regular callers is into this, one of the few I watch on cam, and he likes knowing I’m clothed while he’s jerking off and stroking his cock on cam for me. It really turns him on, and he thought he was the only one. Not sure where he’s looked, but there’s no shortage of guys into this fetish, lots of porn about it too. He must not have looked very hard, since he said he found nothing on it and it was so weird no one but him was into it.

Some just need to search Google a bit harder before coming to the conclusion no one else is into their fetish. Some men into it are also into being humiliated, since obviously they are naked, exposed, vulnerable. If they have a small cock, they could easily be the object of ridicule of these judging, clothed females. They love the humiliation of the woman having the upper hand and staring at them, they cannot help but become erect at the power being in the female’s hands and they are at their mercy.

Perhaps they want to be made to jerk off in front of several clothed females at the same time and be laughed at and examined by all of them. It can only make them feel smaller and more judged with every additional female there is to add to the mockery. Many men love to be humiliated for many different things, being made to masturbated to a room full of several women who are watching their every move can be overwhelming to some and make them have a very powerful orgasm. If you’ve had such CFNM fantasies, call one of our lovely ladies up and tell us all about it!

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