My Neighbor Blackmailed Me

My older neighbor blackmailed me when I was in my teens. I really only had myself to blame though. He and his wife were going out of town for the weekend and he hired me to look after their dog. Feed it and walk it and it was simple enough. However, I was a greedy girl and wanted more money, so while they were away and I had a key to their house, I looked through everything and I found some hidden cash. I didn’t take all of it, but I took a few hundred dollars. When they got back he called me over, his wife was out.

He told me he knew I’d stolen some of the hidden money, he’d counted it before they left and after he returned and he knew to the dollar how much I’d taken. He said he wouldn’t tell my parents or the police, or his wife though under one condition. I had to let him fuck me. I was kind of sickened at the thought of this old man the age of my grandfather fucking me, but I couldn’t let my parents or the police know. I was so stupid to think I wouldn’t get caught. This was the price. I agreed.

The day when his wife was out, I went over and he told me to strip down and I was surprised at how large his cock was and it was as hard as a rock. He had me bend over the love seat and he popped the head of his old cock into my teenaged pussy, and his was the biggest cock I’d ever taken. I’d only had two others at this point. He really rammed that dick into me and kept drilling my cunt. I was surprised I actually came. He knew I did too, and he smirked at the fact and called me a thieving little whore. He shot his load into me and said we were square, but he’d never have me in his home again.

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