Blow Me, Baby

This new caller I have is quite obsessed with blow jobs. Many guys are, but some more than others. Some would seriously be happy with nothing but blow jobs and forget the pussy entirely. Lips around their cock is their number one pleasure. Sliding tongues, sloppy wet lips, glistening mouths up and down and up and down those rock hard cocks. They want a mouth like a Hoover up and down their dicks. Do blow jobs get you going better than any other kind of sex? Does your cock twitch at the thought of a dripping, sucking mouth working all over you? Could you easily forgo the pussy if you had as many blow jobs as you could handle?

A good phone sex call that describes the perfect blow job, many times complete with sucking sound effects, is enough to pop most guys corks. Some callers are pretty basic in their needs and just want to hear sucking noises. I keep a fat Sharpie marker next to the phone for sucking purposes. Easy in one way, but your mouth can get tired after a while of sucking! Jaw fatigue can keep some girls from going in real life as long as a guy would like, but many guys don’t last too long once they have those lips around their hard cocks, so it’s not a huge problem in most cases.

Blow job sex toys are popular for men as well. They slip their dick into the cylinder of the toy and turn it on, and mechanisms inside of the toy simulate the feelings of an honest to goodness blow job. Toys aren’t as popular for men as they are for women, but many men do enjoy enhancing their masturbation sessions with toys. Many use toys during their phone sex masturbation sessions. So if a blow job drives you wild, by all means, give us a call and we can have a hot talk about it!

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