Family Threesome

When people think of threesomes, they don’t necessarily think of them being with family members. Incest can be fun though, so the more the merrier! This caller has some pretty fantastic tales of what he went though in his teens with his two sisters. Whether it’s true or not I have no clue, but he’s sure got an active imagination in any case. He says he engages in threesomes to this day when the opportunity presents itself, but the very first experience of a threesome he had was with his older and younger sister. Their parents ran a family business and were out a lot of the time, giving the kids plenty of privacy and opportunity to do whatever they wanted undiscovered.

He started just fooling around with his older sister, they lost their virginity to one another, and within a year, they decided to bring in the younger sister as well. It was all consensual, no one forced anyone to do anything they didn’t want to do. He took both of their virginity. Their parents had no clue they were fucking like bunnies behind their backs. They wondered why they weren’t more interested in dating. They would have died if they had known it’s because they were all fulfilling one another’s sexual needs right there at home. They didn’t need outsiders.

As soon as they got home from school each day, they had a few hours until the mom came home, and they put it to good use fucking one another and going down on one another. Orgies were a nearly daily occurrence in their home. They had lots of time and were horny teenagers. The hormones running rampant made for some hot and secret times. They almost got caught once when their mom came home early, but they managed to run to their rooms when they heard the key in the lock sooner than expected.

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