Deflowering Myron

My friends know what I do for a job, so some seem to think I’m some kind of sexual expert as well. This friend of mine approached me and told me about a cousin of theirs that was an adult virgin and was just too shy to do anything about it and he was afraid to go to an escort. They asked me if I would be willing to devirginize this poor man. I laughed when they asked me since I didn’t think they were serious, but they were. I said I’d think about it. I felt bad for the poor guy, even though I’d never met him, just been shown his pic. He was ok looking, just badly in need of a makeover and some confidence.

I agreed to it and had them send him over a few nights later. I don’t think he knew why he was coming over here other than to pick up some things my friend had loaned me and to bring them back. That was the reason he was given for coming over. Once I got him in the door the rest of the situation was mine to fix. He came in and I offered him a drink, a very strong one and he soon had his inhibitions down.

I had him sit on the sofa and as we made small talk I started to touch him and kiss him, and he certainly wasn’t fighting me off. He just let me. I soon had him undressed and was straddling him. I got him hard in seconds and was soon riding his cock and being a virgin, well, he didn’t last very long. I think he was a bit embarrassed by the whole thing and left soon after, but I said I’d like to see him again, the whole thing was a bit odd, but he was blushing, so I think he liked it overall.

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