Christmas Surprise

Sometimes a surprise is a good thing, other times it can be bad. I knew my boyfriend wasn’t much on surprises, but I had a feeling he just might like this one. I have a key to his house, and let myself in on occasion to cook us a meal before he gets home from work, things like that. I did just that a couple of weeks ago. The house was all decorated for Christmas and I made us a wonderful dinner and I’d gotten some new, sexy Christmas themed lingerie, which I was going to be wearing when he came home.

I hadn’t told him I was coming, so it was to be a surprise. The dinner was nearly finished and I’d just sipped in to the new lingerie when I heard the key in the lock and he looked at me with a look of shock on his face, then a wicked grin when he saw what I was wearing. I told him he had to be a good boy and get through dinner before unwrapping me. We ate, him in his clothes, and me in the sexy lingerie, and then we went into the bedroom for dessert.

He has always been a very giving and sensual lover and he feasted on my pussy for the longest time, pleasing me totally before he even mounted me to fuck me. I gave myself to him and felt his cock stretch me open as we made love, with only candlelight to see by. He whispered in my ear he loved his Christmas surprise, and he would be more than happy to walk in on these kind of surprises more often. I was pleased he liked it, so I rewarded him by sucking his cock. I loved doing it, it was no trouble at all, in fact sucking his cock usually makes me even more wet and ready for a second round of lovemaking. Don’t you just love Christmas surprises?

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