BBC Cream Pie

My tiny dicked boyfriend is a lovely guy, generous and very kind and god looking, but the size of his micro penis means we cannot have a regular sex life. He asked me how I felt about a cuckold relationship, and I knew it would be the best option considering what he had to offer size wise, so I said I’d be all for it. He asked if I’d ever had a big, black cock and I said no. He asked if I would try it, since it would so turn him on. I agreed to.

He had this friend and asked him if he’d be our bull, and he agreed. When he took his clothes off that night he came, I literally had never seen so large of a cock in my entire life and wasn’t sure that my pussy would even be able to accommodate it, but I knew I wanted to try. With a lot of lube and patience, he got that cock into my cunt and my boyfriend was so excited to watch us. I’d never been so stretched out in my entire life, and the load he dumped in me was enormous. I could feel squirt after squirt inside of me.

I really enjoyed getting fucked by him. My boyfriend then went down between my thighs to lick up as much of that jungle jizz as he could. He loved it and was dribbling out his own two drops of cum in excitement. I was fine with it. I got my pussy licked, which I loved, and was made to cum by both of them. I’d never taken such a monster cock as that was. I have to tell my girlfriends about it, I doubt any of them have had a cock that size before. I wanted to brag to them about it. I think his friend will be coming back for a repeat performance very soon, I hope so, anyway!

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