Eating Their Own Jizz

So many callers are really into eating their own cum. I get ones that chicken out though and just cannot go through with it. Is it that big of a deal to brush your teeth afterwards? You’d think it was battery acid the way many act. Some however truly relish it and have no such hesitation. They love every drop, and do not want to waste any of it. They expect women to cherish it and they themselves cherish it, like it’s some liquid gold elixir to be taken within oneself.

Lots are into really gross stuff honestly that involves shooting it into food, or you don’t even want to know. Hey, it’s their goo, if they want to do that kind of stuff with it, that is totally their own business. I think it’s normal to taste it once or twice, to sample it, but some of these callers will literally swallow every load and think most women find this sexy to do. Im sure someone women must, most, I’m not so sure about. Some even love cum so much they brag of going to glory holes and collecting the used, filled condoms in the waste baskets and drinking it. OMG, I could NOT make this stuff up!

Does drinking your own cum or lapping it up, or if you’re flexible enough to shoot into your own mouth appeal to you? Do you need someone to talk to about your little cum eating habit? Is this something you know you really cannot share with your girlfriend or wife because you know they would not approve? We phone girls hear it all, and if licking up your own cum is your own guilty pleasure, feel free to call one of us up and tell us all about it. We might even have some new and interesting ways for you to get it into yourself.

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