Bukkake Bonanza

This new caller has a real bukakke fantasy about his wife. Like so many callers, his wife no longer has an interest in sex, so he has fantasies about degrading her and making her “pay” for not being there for him sexually, which honestly, I cannot blame him for one bit. The fantasy starts out with her going to a hotel room, and she thinks she’s just meeting her husband there. In fact when she arrives, there’s nearly thirty men in the room, and she’s going to be having sex with all of them. It starts out innocently enough, she doesn’t know what kind of a group she’s walked in on, but she soon learns.

They start to touch her, but she doesn’t stop them. Soon her clothes are being peeled off in the room full of men and she’s being fucked, having dicks shoved down her throat and being jerked off on. He body getting so covered with cum it’s laying in sticky sheets all over her body. She discovers she enjoys being used. Maybe hubby hasn’t been dominant enough. This room full of guys, some of them black, are all alpha males and they aren’t taking no as an answer.

She’s going to be a good little cocksucker and servicing them well. Her belly is soon filled with the cum of dozens of men and she’s become a cock hungry whore. So many guys have fantasies like this where they enjoy seeing their wives used, especially if they are reluctant wives to begin with. It’s quite common, it can just vary in the scenario. Not all are gangbangs, but they want that cold bitch to finally take some cock in her. I don’t blame them one bit for having such fantasies at all. Why they don’t kick these bitches to the curb is beyond me.

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