Take That Cock, You Faggot Queer

So many callers want to suck cock, but they cannot readily admit wanting it, so in their fantasies, they need it to be based in forced bi. The woman has to want them to do it and then they will. The cocksuckers are innumerable, they want the sticky loads of random strangers down their throats. They will go to any lengths to get their fix, from glory holes, to propositioning men in the gym locker rooms. The ones that want a woman to be in charge are not dominant enough to go out and get cock on their own, they want to be coerced into it.

Many times they also wish to be dressed up and feminized, made all pretty and girly, to appeal to the men they are sucking off. Wigs, makeup, heels and lingerie, it all feeds into the fantasy. Women that are aggressive and dominant will be the ones to turn them into their bitch, doing what they want, when they want, without question. They are at the same time disgusted and aroused by their deviant desires they have for other men. The craving for cock is great, and many will try their best to find a woman that can force them into it.

The love of humiliation is a big thing in many men, whether it’s for having a small penis, racial humiliation, or the humiliation for wanting to suck cock. They know it’s to be kept a secret and hidden from others, not to be shared with a wife or girlfriend, since most would not understand. It’s as though being forced into it gives them permission to indulge without taking the responsibility directly. Well boys, if forced bi is what turns you on, give one of our phone sex ladies a call, we deal with lots of cocksuckers, we can help you too!

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