House Sitting Gig

Occasionally I do house sitting as well as phone sex work, since it adds some extra cash and it’s no big deal to go feed someone’s pets a couple of times a day or walk their dog, bring in the mail etc. I was at this one very nice house recently and they had a big backyard with a pool. They told me I was free to use it and stay over if I wanted, so I did. I laid on the chaise lounge and let the sun kiss my skin as I laid out there enjoying the beautiful gardens.

Then I thought I noticed someone watching me from the top floor window of the house next door and a moment later this attractive man appeared and introduced himself to me. He was their neighbor and wanted to be sure I had the right to be there. I told him I was the housesitter and he could feel free to email them and check. He asked if he could sit down and chat for a few moments and I said that was fine. Then he offered to rub some suntan lotion on my back and shoulders, again I agreed.

Soon his hands were wandering down to my lower back and buttock area, and then his hand grazed my breast through the bikini top. It wasn’t long until we were naked and fucking right there on the chaise lounge right there out in the open. His dick was nice and long, dripping with precum, and I sucked on it to get it even harder before I rode his cock hard. I rotated my hips as I ground my clit into his dick, making myself cum. I felt kind of like a slut for allowing things to get this far this fast with a complete stranger, but he was so good looking, and it was a beautiful day, I was a bit horny, it all just fit together and it was a hot encounter. Random though it may have been. Things like this happen, and I’m glad I allowed it to.

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