Mr. Pissy Pants

There really is no shortage of weird stuff guys tell you in this line of work. One man last night told me how he peed in his underwear, then took them off and sucked them. Charming. Then he said how he used an anal stimulation toy and thought he might cum from it, but, what do you know, he pissed instead. Obviously he was really into all things pee, especially his own. He did mention though how he’d love a lady to sit on his face and take a piss as well. You can see where he’s going with this.

All he’s interested in talking about is pee in one form or another. I guess if someone wants to suck on their own pee soaked pants, that’s their own business. The guy in the pic is such a pig he’s even pissing on his furniture! It’s bad enough in the tub, would you want to bathe in your toilet bowl???!!! I pity the poor sap that sits down on his pissy couch after this. So many disgusting pigs out there. More guys seem to want to be pissed on by ladies than to pee on others, but the ones that pee on themselves, they do come around every once in a while.

No matter how gross the fetish, you can bet some out there are into it and will want to talk about it and that nothing gets them off harder than it does. It’s usually a fetish that has the roots in early childhood as so many do, but once it’s set in, there’s not much that’s going to make ones for get about it. These people are not all adult babies for sure, but there are a few similarities between the two fetishes. Not all guys into pee are into diapers, but pretty well all into diapers are into pee, but mostly their own.

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