Interracial Hand Job

One of my black callers was telling me how much white women love his large cock, because most of the white guy’s cocks they get to play with and fuck are so much smaller than his. He is a workman, so he regularly gets to go inside women’s homes repairing their furnaces and air conditioning. He said once many cast a glance at the bulge in his pants, they are practically drooling, and it doesn’t take much for him to get them to pull the first move. He thrusts his hips forward when they are sitting at the kitchen table and he’s standing at the table as they pay him, so his crotch is right at their eye level.

He said just the other day this horny looking MILF was eyeing his package and he asked her if she’d like a closer look. She nodded her head yes and reached over and unzipped him. His massive cock springing forth towards her. She audibly gasped at the size of it and took it in her hands, barely able to reach them around it’s huge girth. She looked him in the eyes and began to pump it and he loved how it felt and began to moan. He was stroking his cock remembering this moment as he related it to me.

She said she’d never felt a nigger dick before and marveled at its huge size. He grinned and let her work his shaft. He said she didn’t put her mouth down onto it, but was just mesmerized at the size of it and how it twitched in response to her touch. His balls slowly filled with cum at her administrations, and he knew he was going to squirt a massive load. He told her he was going to cum and she cupped her hand over the head of it so as not to be splashed with the cum. It squirted into her hand and dripped down to the floor. He then zipped up and left. He has no clue if he will ever see her again, but he said she did give a might fine hand job.

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