Pleasing The Pussy

I like sex in pretty much every position, but doggy is one of my favorites for sure. My boyfriend loves to come up behind me and kiss my neck and play with my breasts and then lower me face down on the bed and laid on top of me from behind, his weight pressing me into the bed. Then I open my legs for him to give him access to that dripping pussy and feel him enter me from behind. I can put my hand underneath myself and massage my clit, or if I get angled just right his cock will rub against it with each thrust.

Most callers also tell me they enjoy fucking from behind the most as well. Not sure why, but it is the position that always gets the most votes as favorite when I ask the question. Long hair is also a plus in that position, it can be used like reins to wrench the next back. Good for them to lean forward and give you a love bite. Spanking is also fun in that position, though not all ladies are looking for a smack to their rear, some of us rather enjoy it. Do discuss if that’s something you’d be open to trying.

Easy to grab the tits, pull on the nipples, if you’re lucky enough to have someone join you, they can easily go underneath and lick your clit while you’re being fucked, always a wonderful sensation. You really should try it or have your lady try it. Think of which of your friends might like to lick her as you pound away on her. It will be enjoyable for all involved. If the position is good enough for the animals, it’s good enough for me, too. Pumping and pumping, that hard cock sliding in and out of that juicy, dripping cunt. The wetness seeping down those thighs. That full, round ass right in front of you. It’s pretty hot, enjoy it.

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