The Older The Better

Twice in the last day men under thirty have called and mentioned they’d slept with women nearly seventy years old, and they loved it. The older woman younger man dynamic has always been a popular fantasy for many younger men, often starting with a friend of their mom, the mom of a friend, the lonely neighbor lady, a teacher, the list goes on and on. Many like the under fifty range, but there are many that are fantasizing about ones the age of their grandma, and say they old gals were plenty good in bed.

I’m betting a woman nearly seventy would be over the moon thrilled that a young man in his mid twenties would find her sexy enough to fuck. It is always shocking when they want them that much older, since so many older men are fantasizing about college age, or younger, girls and here’s young, virile men that have the hots for ladies a couple of decades past menopause. When I was a little girl and learned what the word menopause meant, I thought it a funny twist of words that meant men will pause, as in they wouldn’t want you any more past that age, lol. The thought of young men wanting to pork a grandma never entered my mind, but they are out there.

There’s a comfort with an older woman, not the need to impress, they will have had decades worth of experience, and would be somewhat grateful for sexual attention at all, so there is a lot to understand appeal wise as to why a man would want an older woman. Both of the callers mentioned the ladies also looked great for their age, which also is more common these days. So don’t just count a lady out because she’s older, she may very well be a hot tamale in the bedroom.

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