Mistress Domination

So many callers want to be dominated by women, it’s so much more common to have a man call wanting you to dominate him rather than they wanting you to be submissive. Several callers over the years have told me they have paid to have real time sessions with a dominatrix, usually to be whipped, beaten or abused in some way. Sometimes they have a small cock and small penis humiliation is involved, other times, that doesn’t even come into it, they just want to be put in their place. Callers that are a switch and can be in the dominant role for a few weeks or months then switch to submissive are fun, as there is variety.

Some like sensual domination, others more hard core with restraints and ball gags, chastity devices, even being locked up in cages! So many men are truly deserving of punishment in one form or another, it’s not hard to dole it out and think of someone that you’d really enjoy to be hurting, even if you don’t know the poor sap you’re letting have it. Some have related tales of very cruel Mistresses that they were in too much pain to even sit down for several days from being spanked or paddled so harshly, they had to lie down on their stomachs since their rears were raw.

Forced bi also is popular when it comes to men wanting to be dominated by women, they want the woman to make them suck cock. They of course complain they don’t really want to do it, that they could never willingly suck the cock of another man, but it sure doesn’t take much coaxing to have them on their knees worshiping cock and taking that salty load down their throat. Only because Mistress told them to, ya right!

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