Sexy Peeing

A fetish some guys like to talk about is golden showers. With the recent rumors of a secret Trump golden showers video, pissing has again been brought to the forefront of sexual fetishes. Who likes it, who does it, why do they like it, all sorts of questions. I find callers that ask about this tend to be older, that’s not to say no young people are curious about it, but as a rule they are older and some even mention going down on a woman that’s not exactly clean and it’s ok if she tastes a bit pissy, how yummy.

While it’s true it’s not going to kill you, many find the fetish quite a gross and unsavoury one and wouldn’t consider participating in it, the clean up is not worth it, even if you use your tub, do you really want your tub to be your second toilet and one you bathe in? I guess some do not mind the filth, but some germophobes find the act unthinkable. I guess many when they are young associate the genitals with peeing and then a few years later when they begin to awaken sexually, those things get meshed together and it becomes a fetish.

Other may have seen their mom on the toilet and a fetish is born, all kinds of things can bring a fetish to life, a scene in a movie, seeing someone they know in a situation they hadn’t before that catches them off guard, many things can affect a young mind and something just clicks in their mind and it’s tied to sex.

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