Sexy Valentine

Don’t you just love having sex in a fancy hotel? There’s nothing like a five star hotel and a romantic night or even better, weekend. With Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, hopefully you have something special planned if you have a special someone in your life, all ladies love to be treated to something romantic on that day that is just for celebrating romance. Flowers, candy, wine, a special dinner, not all ladies are into lingerie, but some do love something pretty, sexy and silky to wear. If you have kids, send them to the grandparents for the night or a sitter so you can have privacy to be as loud as you want while making love.

Chocolate body paints could make things turn sticky and naughty, try writing some sexy words on one another and then licking them off one another. Dab some on the nipples and then suck it off, getting the nipple hard and aroused in the process, trail your fingers down to your gals pussy and tease her little clit until she’s squirming underneath you and begging for your cock. Speaking of that cock, why not drizzle some of that chocolate body paint on the head of it and have her lick it off?

Once that dick is all hard and horny, that pussy will be more than waiting for it to slide all the way inside and begin to pound her pussy and make her cum as she claws at your back as you drive her more and more wild from each and every thrust of it going into her until she explodes on your cock. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Not all couples are the tossing rose petals on the bed sorts for sure, but some flowers will always be welcome at the very least.

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