Katoptronophilia – Mirror Sex


One fetish some might say is for the vain is mirror sex. Having sex with another person or masturbating in front of a mirror. Honestly, the idea seems quaint now, as so many people are just bypassing the mirror altogether and skipping right to recording themselves having sex and watching it or uploading it to tube sites to get comments on it. The level of narcissism in today’s social media crazed society has never been more ovefueled and bizarre.

It used to be the racy couple that would have the mirror on top of their bedroom ceiling so they could enjoy the visual stimulation of of, or couples really into their own reflection during sexual moments would sneak into a change room and try to get it on in front of the 3 way mirror. I had one client once that frequently liked to talk about dressing room sex and the mirrors that would be used during such an encounter with he salesgirl he planned to fuck in there.

Some prefer it simple, prefer the darkness. Ones with body self image issues, my God what a nightmare it would be to see the flopping bits from angles before unknown to us. A mirror would only intensify such self doubts. Perhaps the solitary masturbation in front of a mirror or holding a hand mirror to see close-ups might not be as horrifying as another person seeing everything in the mirrors.

I admit to have masturbated in front of mirrors and with hand mirrors countless times in my youth and I think that should be encouraged in girls, you need to know your own body and it’s hard to understand there are grown women that to this day have never inspected their genitals with a mirror, let alone masturbated and watched it all up close in a magnifying mirror. It just adds a different visual element to our sexual excitement and there’s nothing wrong with that type of exploration.

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