Tinkerbell Pee Pee


One of my more amusing callers this week was calling for small penis humiliation. Not an uncommon topic, but this one had named his cock, “Tinkerbelle” and referred to it as a she. It was quite odd to hear a grown man call his cock Tinkerbell, his “Tinkerbell Pee Pee” to be exact. Now I said is this because it’s so tiny your cock could only satisfy Tinkerbell? No, he had just named it that years ago.

Imagine going on a date with said man, and being introduced to his his cock like this, the laughs would begin before the clothes even came off. Most men do seem to have nicknames for their cocks I’ve found. One of my best clients is named Peter, and he loves when I call his cock “Little Petey”. Silly men, they do find amusement in such things. I’m not sure if most named their cock themselves, or if girlfriends named them for them and the name took. There really should be a study done on naming your cock-how it came to be.

Some might come up with insane names like “Pleasure Maker” or some such moniker, but I think something related to your own name seems a bit more expected. I haven’t really studied this too much just yet! I’m guessing not many have named them after cartoon characters though, especially female fairy ones. Whatever gets you off I guess. Heaven knows there’s a lot of things they could be called, and not very nice ones, but ones with small cocks, it’s really hard not to go down that cruel road, so it’s a good thing most into small penis humiliation like being made fun of, as it’s not difficult to do.

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