Burn, Baby Burn


Ones into BDSM have all kinds of naughty little games they play, from mild to wild, and one of the games some are into is wax play. What is wax play you ask for ones not in the know? Wax play is playing with burning candles, as in dripping the wax from them all over the bodies of your submissive. It sounds a lot more painful than it really is. Candles that you burn to look at usually have a higher melting point than ones designed for wax play.

Some have as low a melting temperature as 110 degrees, so you’re hardly going to burn and scar your partner for life at that temperature. Many massage oil candles have this kind of a low melting point temperature, so the candle melts into a warming massage oil for you and your lover to slather all over each others bodies. Some however do like the higher melting point ones, to inflict a bit of pain, like 145 degrees. That you would be flinching at it dripped on your nipples or your cock or your clit.

I recall asking a guy once that was into wax play why would you want to drip melting wax all over your cock and he replied you’ve never been that horny before. I guess not, but I’ve been plenty horny and have yet to crave dripping hot wax on my lady bits. Some like to combine a blindfold so their lover can’t see where or when it’s going to hit their skin, a combination of sensations and sensory deprivation. Candle and wax play has been around for a long time and no doubt will remain as a fun little game between lovers into a bit of pain with their pleasure.

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