Sexy Shemales


There is no denying the increasing popularity of shemales and trannies. It’s a rare day I don’t have one caller or another telling me about a recent trip to a tranny escort. One the other day was a young guy of 21, and he’d seen some tranny porn in his teens and couldn’t stop thinking about them and has now visited over 20 tranny escorts and is looking for a tranny girlfriend. Apparently he had one, but they moved away and he’s currently trannyless…

So many are desiring cock like never before, but are reluctant to go to a full on man. Many say they are not even attracted to men at all, and yet they are visiting and paying to fuck, or usually it seems fuck them, which is also odd. They say they aren’t attracted to men, yet they want the shemale to be the dominant one, it’s all quite perplexing really. They seem to be in denial. One of my best clients the other day sent me links to a new shemale escort he’d spent the afternoon with, a 22 year old Asian ladyboy. I try and not disparage too much, it’s not in my financial interest to do so, but I’m sure his wife would be horrified. It’s one thing to think your husband is fooling around with other women and turning a blind eye to it, it’s quite another to think you’re husband is paying to be fucked and dominated by a shemale/tranny/man with fake boobs and makeup on.

He always calls them “she”. I call them “it”. I think overall the level of what is acceptable is loosening, so ones are experimenting more and opening doors to other sexual realities a few decades ago they might never have even considered. It’s a changing world, and I can promise you shemales and trannies are a growing interest of many clients, I hear more and more about it every single day.

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