Watch Me Use Your Panties

My roommate’s brother was staying with us for a few weeks since his place was under going some renovations and he had nowhere to stay until they were finished, so we agreed he could stay with us rather than pay for a hotel. Soon after he arrived, I noticed many pairs of my panties go missing, I thought there was some kind of laundry issue, but then I realized a pair right off the end of my bed went missing and I was sure I’d seen him walk by my door. I waited until he was out to work and I went in the spare room where he was staying and there they all were.

My roommate was out that evening, so I confronted him about the panties and he admitted taking them, he said he’d always had a panty fetish and he really liked me and he wanted a pair of mine to masturbate with. Then he even had the nerve to ask if I’d watch him do it. I was a bit speechless, but I agreed to watch. I went in the room he was staying in and sat on the edge of the bed while he, a few feet up the bed, rubbed his naked, hard cock with a pair of my panties. He was soon glistening wet at the tip of his cock with arousal.

He had a large cock and was teasing himself with the silky fabric of my panties as I watched him, especially with the crotch area. It was interesting to watch actually, and I was soon getting turned on myself watching him. He asked if I’d like to join him, and I lifted my skirt up and slipped my hand into my panties as he watched, I was quite wet and we masturbated together. Once we both came, I claimed all my panties back except for one pair, I said he could keep those ones as a souvenir.

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