Up Your Nose With A Rubber Hose

No matter how many years one has been doing this job of phone sex, you will every few weeks hear something you never heard before. The other night a man called and said several women in his life had enjoyed smelling his cock. I could not contain the laughter, it seemed so absurd. All I could think of was some woman on her knees moving his erect member beneath her nose like a fine, Cuban cigar, inhaling its aroma. He failed to see the humor in the visual, but it just struck me as bizarre and comical, something that a lot of calls fit into as a matter of fact, but in ten years of doing this job, he was the first one that ever mentioned anyone smelling his cock.

Some people are into smells, but it usually seems to be the man, fart fetish actually comes up more often than one would think, a few times a week actually. Ones have mentioned burping, the smell of ass, arm pits, of all kinds of goodies, to say nothing of stinky feet, they are in their own category of popularity. He asked me if I liked the smell of cock, I said I prefer soap and water and right out of the shower, he seemed amazed not all women didn’t want stale cock in their nose.

People have their different kinks, this is true, and as fetishes go, it’s pretty harmless, just a bit odd. So do you fair reader, love the thought of a woman holding your cock under her nose and passing it back and forth smelling it from base to tip? Licking it I get, but smelling it does nothing for the one being smelled, and I’ve read things online by women complaining about the stale, sweaty cocks that reek of old urine, good lord, gag me now. If I was ever presented with such a travesty, they’d be out on their ear in seconds, the disgusting pigs. Take a shower for our sake, it not your own, you smelly beasts.

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