Bend Over!


What kind of fetish is being whipped, punished and spanked? Why do men find this appealing? Well BDSM is very popular, their are plenty of masochists out there, make no mistake. Some men love to be whipped and spanked until they literally have marks on them and it’s sore for them to sit down.

For many the beginnings to such a  sexual interest have roots in being punished as children. Now they wish to take the punishment, yet have it on their terms. For many these sorts of things were being doled out to them at a time of their own sexual awakening, and they have melded in their mind. Many times also ones that grew up being punished now want to be the ones doing the dominating, I see that as well. They no longer will be the ones being helplessly whipped by parents or grandparents, they will be the ones whipping others and having them at their mercy for a change.

There are many more men seeking to be dominated than ones seeking to dominate themselves. To many knowing they have marks under their clothes showing a woman has indeed dominated them that are not visible to others is in and of itself a thrill. Like ones into ladies lingerie that like to wear it under their regular clothes, knowing others have no idea what they have on under there. So many mental games they play with themselves. No harm done, really, as long as they enjoy it and don’t force their partners to whip the shit out of them. Plenty of women out there who’d love to whip a man good, lord knows many of them deserve it!

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