Point Your Toes Like A Ballerina

pointed toes

Lots of guys have a foot fetish, but I know of a few who have a bit of a different spin on that. The first time I heard one mention it, I thought it was a bit odd, but then when a couple of others mentioned it as well, I knew I was onto a full blown fetish here. I think anything, no matter how bizarre or seemingly mundane can have ones sexually attracted to it and make it a fetish.

They both were specific in wording it the same as well, which was also a bit odd. They both wanted me to point my toes-“like a ballerina”. Now do ballerinas have some sort of magical appeal with their toe pointing? They don’t have a thing about ballerinas, the one is in fact into BBW’s, anything but ballerina like, but they love the pointing of the toes thing. I even sent pics to the one of my real feet in various poses, I felt weird taking pics of my feet, but I felt it was harmless enough. I’m convinced anyone has their fans.

I myself hate my feet and think they are ugly, yet I’ve sent those same pics to a few guys that both seemed to love, worship and adore my feet I personally felt such disdain for. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder I guess. What is abhorrent to one is beautiful to others. I’ve always said I was my own worst critic, apparently I am. Nice to know my feet pointing like a ballerina have their fans! I’m kind of thinking maybe since we women kind of point our toes when we orgasm sometimes this may be tied into it? I cannot say for sure, but it seems to be a logical tie in. Maybe there are legions of fans out there of ones into watching women point their toes like a ballerina.

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