Let Me Feel Your Legs


A fetish I run into a fair bit is men that love pantyhose. Not just on women, but on themselves as well. The feeling of the nylon under their hands is a very sensual one for many, the particular tactile sensation they experience and are aroused by. Obviously stockings and garter belts look a lot sexier, but not as many women are into those today. They are not as comfortable and are more of a hassle to get into. I hate pantyhose, they are restrictive and not fun to get into.

My mom always called it “the pantyhose dance” that one would go through to properly arrange themselves into them. Kicking the legs the stretch them, starting in a sitting position on the bed to start, then get up and do the little dance. Yet this whole trend of going barelegged the last number of years looks terrible to me. Better to wear pantyhose and look better. No one likes to wear a bra either, but there are things that one must do to look decent, comfort or not.

Many guys into pantyhose fetish are so into it that they just tear a whole in them and fuck the ladies in them. Some are also into wearing them and having that feeling on their skin themselves The little drops of cum all over them is also very appealing to many, especially on black pantyhose, the way it looks when it beads up before it soaks in. This about as harmless a fetish as you could run across, nothing distasteful or weird or creep about it, so let the nylon lovers of the world rejoice.

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