Peter Rabbit, You’re Soooo Sexy!


When I first heard of people into furry fetish, I thought it was  a joke, surely no one could really be aroused by people dressed up in plush animal costumes? I have also heard of the rule #34 of the internet, if it exists, there will be porn of it. In other words, no matter how weird something is, someone, somewhere will be getting off on it. Even plush animal costumes. Think the next time you go to a game and see the mascot, someone, likely more than one someone, watching will be getting highly aroused at that!

I know costumes can add some excitement to a sexual relationship, lingerie can be very sexy. Role playing as the maid dressed up in a French maid’s outfit can be playful and sexy, but as a bunny rabbit, or a squirrel? My mind cannot even go to the places these people’s are, so better not even to wonder about it. The root cause of what caused this fetish to be in the first place. Some of the furry fans, around 25%, feel they are actually part animal. Similar to people with gender identity disorder that feel they have been born in the body of the wrong sex, some of them actually feel they have been born into the wrong species.

It is odd to be sure, but relatively harmless. They aren’t hurting anyone by being dressed up in this manner, and they seem to stick to their own selves, so why not have them dress as they wish. If it’s arousing to them and others of like mind, then dress up. Many spend a lot of money on the furry costumes to wear to their conventions and such they attend. Some are just in it for fun, like fans of Star Trek have their conventions and the like, but others are quite serious about their fetish. There is a very active internet community of ones into this particular fetish.

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