Old Style Lingerie


Stocking and lingerie fetish is nothing new, but some mention they specifically like the old fashioned sorts of lingerie. Long line bras, bigger garter belts, and stockings with the seams up the back of them. One the other day mentioned how his mother was quite old when she had him and how she wore much more old fashioned lingerie than other ladies he saw did. His sisters, who were over ten years older than him, he’d catch glimpses of them as they got dressed, the lingerie they wore was modern and yet his mother wore really old looking undergarments.

I mentioned a friend of my grandmother that used to wear stockings with reinforced heels and the funny diamond shape on the heels visible when she wore shoes like slingbacks always looked odd to me. We had this long conversation about old fashioned stockings and lingerie, and he’s not the first one to request girdles and full back panty talk and the like. I think most of them are older and had moms they saw and possibly even grandmothers they saw when they were kids and these old style garments have left a deep impression on them.

I think most of the old timey lingerie looks like suits of armor and I can’t imagine who would wear such things, I am way too into comfort for any of those foundation garments. When I think of girdles, I think of my grandmother too and how they made her shaped like a barrel, totally unnatural looking shape. For every weird garment out there, believe me, there is some fan out there for it getting off on it.

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