Just Call Me Pussy Mouth


One of my more colorful clients that likes to fantasize about celebrities, had an idea for ones that are too uppity and or out of hand. Remove their teeth so they can give better blow jobs. This time it was Katherine Heigl. Who he thinks is better seen and not heard, problematic darling though she is. Yup, once she’s rounded up, it’s off tot he dentist to her before being delivered to him toothless and ready for the best blow jobs of his life.

There are worse punishments for the celebs that get out of line in his fantasies, but the removal of the teeth is a new one. Only one other client years ago mentioned tooth removal for better blow jobs, but he was a bit odd. I don’t believe he really had his teeth removed as he said to give his boyfriend better oral sex. I think it was a fantasy he had in his mind he brought to life and liked me to think was real, that he’d go that far for the love of his boyfriend. Imagine removing your teeth t prove your love, oh goodness, the tales these boys spin and would have you believe, they really are something else, but who else do they have to tell their fantastic tales to?

Gumming your lovers dick, no sharp teeth in the way, just tongue and gum around your cock and balls. Though surprisingly, some callers have asked for teeth and light biting, one even mentioned biting until they bled, so some wouldn’t want that smooth, toothless experience. Wouldn’t be quite like a pussy, but if you’re into elderly women, go ahead and ask for them to take those teeth out, if they have false ones, and see how the sensation compares to a blow job with a woman with teeth.

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