On Your Knees, Slave


One of my most submissive callers loves to call up and tell me all about his visits to local dominatrixes he sees. He’s even gone over a thousand miles to see ones. The things he has paid them to do, were quite wild, from leaving him in the heat of summer locked in a barn for a week with no running water and limited supplies he was dependent on them bring him daily and having to sleep on bales of uncovered, scratchy hay. He paid thousands for this opportunity.

Forced bi with black men fucking him and stretching him open unlike he ever had been before. Some of the dominatrixes has trained him over Skype beforehand with dildos in graduated sizes to stretch himself for weeks on end in preparation for the black cocks he’d be taking that were in excess of eleven inches long and as thick around as a can of pop, yet he enjoyed every tortuous minute of it.

Men going to dommes aren’t just looking for any girlfriend experience, they are going and looking for punishment, often severe punishment at that, involving ice shoved up into places ice was never meant to be inserted. Being whipped by floggers and paddles and belts and all sorts of things. These men are craving sexual direction that they themselves are unable to find for themselves, they carve and need attention from strong women that would have nothing to do with them in their own everyday lives unless they were being paid to. Dominatrix are giving these men something they desperately need they cannot have in their lives otherwise.

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