Office Sex


Dare we have some office sex? Do you really think the boss would approve? The sex new girl is just to hot to keep your hands off though, isn’t she…She knows what she’s doing wearing those oh so low cut blouses and too tight skirts, she’s a prick tease, and she loves to leave hardened cocks in her wake.

Spilling coffee left and right, not only to mop it up off your ever growing bulge in your pants, but so she can bend over and you look down her blouse and you see her with no bra on. Grinning innocently all the while. It’s no mistake, she knows what she’s doing and she does it for sport. Getting men aroused while acting like she has no idea what she’s doing, there are oh so many ladies that play this game.

You go home and masturbate while thinking about her, that short skirt, was she wearing any panties today? She bend over while filing those folders and you know she was hoping you’d notice those pussy lips just peeking out underneath that skirt. Your cock started to leak precum when you noticed and you lightly grazed the tip of it as you put your hand in your pocket, lightly stroking yourself as she bent over and acted like nothing unusual was happening. You want to bend that bitch over the desk and shove that cock in all the way up to the balls don’t you, you naughty boy? She’d protest at first, but not for long, she’d be milking that cock for all it was worth with that Hoover like cunt of hers. Prick teases all know what they are doing.

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