Satin Fetish


I had a client this week that wanted a lengthy audio made about his favorite fetish, satin. I must admit, in all the years of doing calls, I’ve never run into one that had a satin fetish. I’d never heard of it until then and now that I search, there is indeed a whole satin fetish community out there. I guess of all the fabrics, it would be the most versatile, since satin sheets are easily come by, as are satin clothes, gloves, high heeled shoes. Many have a leather fetish, but I don’t hear of leather sheets.

With satin you can live in it. Underwear, sheets you sleep in, the clothes, that slippery, cool fabric that is oh so elegant to the touch. Fetishes with a very tactile nature like this, likely had their roots in early childhood, like so many do. Maybe mommy was cuddling you as she had a satin blouse on and it felt oh so good against your skin and maybe you got your first hard on, and a fetish was born. Taking mommy’s satin underwear in secret and rubbing them all over your cock and feeling that coolness all over your cock and being such a naughty boy.

Would she really miss that satin bra? Maybe, maybe not. Will she notice the cum stains on it after you slip it back into he hamper after you blew your load all over it? You can pray she doesn’t. Maybe you went out and bought yourself some satin party gloves and wore them as you stroked your dick up and down for that slippery, silky feeling. Feels good, doesn’t it…

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