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Slippery Satin

Do you adore the feel of satin on your skin? That smooth, slippery feel of it, cool and soft, wonderful for sheets and sexy for lingerie that virtually slides all over your body and makes you feel so sexy. Most … Continue reading

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Purr In Your Fur

You know how the soft, warm fur excites you when you masturbate, don’t you? That softness that’s unlike anything else, the satin lining that’s so cool, and smooth, what a glorious and sexy combination it is for your masturbation pleasure! … Continue reading

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Satin Fetish

I had a client this week that wanted a lengthy audio made about his favorite fetish, satin. I must admit, in all the years of doing calls, I’ve never run into one that had a satin fetish. I’d never heard … Continue reading

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Leather has been a fetish item for a long time. Many associate leather clothing items with BDSM activities, but leather coats and jackets long ago became mainstream. If you’ll recall the 1970’s T.V. show, “Happy Days”, hero Fonzie was considered … Continue reading

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