Slippery Satin


Do you adore the feel of satin on your skin? That smooth, slippery feel of it, cool and soft, wonderful for sheets and sexy for lingerie that virtually slides all over your body and makes you feel so sexy. Most men love lingerie on their ladies and how their hands caress you over that lingerie can be very sexy. Lots of ladies love to stroked through their panties nearly to the point of orgasm before they even allow you to get to skin on skin.

Being masturbated through your panties even if you are alone can be very sensual. Lightly running your nails over the crotch of your panties until a wet spot appears, that sensation is one of a kind, and satin can make it feel even more sexy. The look of a satin blouse is very nice, how it shapes around the breasts. Men that are into crossdressing will often use satin as their fabric of choice when they dress up. So many will say they adore the way silk or satin feels, yet if you point out men’s boxer shorts can be found in this fabric as well, they will often find some other excuse to keep on with ladies panties.

Some couples have even had sexual accidents in satin sheets since they are so slippery, some will literally slide off the bed when the action gets a bit too vigorous. A broken wrist or ankle or worse could be the result, so if laying on satin, by all means be careful. Wrap that pair of satin panties around your cock and enjoy the satiny coolness as you jizz all over them.

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