Leather has been a fetish item for a long time. Many associate leather clothing items with BDSM activities, but leather coats and jackets long ago became mainstream. If you’ll recall the 1970’s T.V. show, “Happy Days”, hero Fonzie was considered quite the rebel because he had a leather jacket. Even as recently as the 70’s, that was considered a bit risky. In the shows first few episodes, he wasn’t wearing the infamous leather jacket, he had a fabric one! Fonzie was a good guy though, and leather jacket or not, he wasn’t a thug, which many at that time thought of some that choose leather to wear as a jacket.

It seems insane as recently as that a leather item of clothing was looked at as a bit too “fringe” to have a main character wear it, yet it’s the case. Ones have fetishized leather and it did become synonymous with the gay culture and BDSM culture. Seems rather common now to see ones in a leather skirt, and musicians have always loved their tight, leather pants. It always seemed a rather hot choice of a garment to wear other than as a jacket or gloves to me, but if ones get aroused being trussed up in a leather corset or mask, let them have their fun. Also a difficult to clean item as well, apt to absorb smells, as it is skin, so would be absorbent. I’ll stick to it for boots, gloves and purses.

Collars, harnesses, leather masks, all are BDSM items that ones really into that culture embrace. It seems for some reason as well the gays into the leather are older, they even call themselves, “leathermen”, so this goes back many decades with members of society not considered mainstream, so anyone wearing leather was sort of looked at as a bit of an outsider.

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