Consensual Sibling Incest


One incest topic that doesn’t come up too often on calls is brother sister incest, most seem to be mommy son couplings that I hear about anyway. One of my good clients comes from a larger family and has always had the hots for his sister. He said they have seen each other naked before, but never done anything together. He doesn’t think she wants him the same way he does her, but many of our calls play on this fantasy of his.

He likes to pretend she’s caught him doing something and she threatens to tell mom and dad unless he pays her money to keep quiet and she teases him so badly once she realizes she can get money out of him, she wants to offer him sexual favors in exchange for more money. She’s apparently greedy and materialistic and wants to milk him for every cent she can get via his sexual urges he’s willing to pay for, all with a very healthy dose of playfulness and humor.

How much for a handjob? How much for a fuck? You wouldn’t want mom and dad finding out now, would you? It’s fun to tease him in all sorts of scenarios from emptying his wallet to walking down to the bank with him to get even more money out to keep her quiet. He loves the idea of fucking his sister and even though he hates paying, he can’t keep his hands off of her, so his money is slowly siphoned away from him. The desires overtaking common sense.

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