Odd Sexual Fetishes


Many guys watch porn, this is true, but once in a while I do hear of a new fetish that always surprises me that I haven’t heard of it before. This new fetish I hear of is a man that enjoys watching porn, but only on fast forward or rewind. Now the first thing this made me think of is fast forward would be good for a premature ejaculation guy, but he didn’t mention being a premature ejaculator. The watching it backwards also seems odd as well, but then I don’t understand why most guys like what they like, it just is what it is.

Another fetish this week, well I’m not he has a fetish, but he’s called several times and mentioned it many times each call, is biting my eyebrows. I can honestly say no one has ever mentioned eyebrow biting before, that is also quite different. Nibbling on my nipples, clit, even toes, but eyebrows? For every body part, there is someone fetishizing it and getting off on it. There’s nothing sexual about eyebrows, so not quite sure how that would be sexy for the one doing it, or the one having it done to them.

Excessive penis measuring is one I have heard of several times over the years. Yet another called to say he’d been measuring it weekly. He’d also done things to stretch it, like overusing penis pumps, which is downright dangerous as it can burst the blood vessels. He’d also taken some kind of supplements for three months and surprise surprise, no change in growth at all. He wondered how many other callers measured their cocks regularly. I said a few over the years had mentioned it, but it was fairly rare to be a regular occurrence. Once a year say doesn’t seem excessive, but more than that, I really can’t see what the point is.

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