Does the idea of having a hands free orgasm excite you? One where you can cum by breast stimulation alone? Many women and men as well, love having their nipples sucked on, played with, pinched, tweaked. To some this can even result in an orgasm. Some have such sensitive nipples that toying with them can make them cum.

My boyfriend loves to make me cum from sucking on my nipples, he trained me to be able to orgasm this way. He had me begging to please touch my pussy, but he wouldn’t do it. He said he knew with enough training and stimulation I’d be cumming from this type of touching alone. He lays me back naked on the bed, kissing me deeply and passionately, then down to my neck and breasts. Squeezing one and kissing the other, then taking my nipple in his mouth and having him suck on it, swirling his tongue around and around, until I’m squirming underneath him. My pussy dripping and begging to be stroked.

I was running my hands through his hair, trying to humping his leg as he suckled at my nipples, but he wouldn’t allow me to, he just kept lightly kissing and teasing my nipples until I could feel an orgasm welling up inside of me. It wasn’t like a regular genital orgasm, but it was an orgasm, a nipple induced orgasm, and I still felt very good afterwards. Once he’d made me cum that way, then and only then did he start touching and teasing my pussy, which was very happy for the attention at that point. He made me cum several times more, but a nipple orgasm was a nice way to start the fun.

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