Petticoat Punishment – Feminization


Not all that are into feminization are doing so willingly, some are being dressed up against their will apparently from the time they are youngsters onwards. One called up and described the punishment his governess gave him many decades ago. Perhaps this is all in his fantasies, I do not know, as some of it was quite outlandish sounding, yet to this day he returns to the petticoats for comfort….

Apparently this man was dressed up in the petticoats as punishment for being bad, after he was spanked. It would humiliate him, yet arouse him at the same time. He would talk about how she’d shape his eyebrows and pluck them into a feminine shape and apply makeup and make him mince around in high heels to embarrass him and try and keep him in line. Yet he loves women and admires them, not resentful of this punishment at all.

He wanted me to talk about having a selection of lingerie for him to try on, including petticoats of course, and a trip to the beauty salon, with both of us getting manicures and pedicures and our hair done and makeup before he’d come back to my place for the lingerie fashion show in all the pretty things. I could hear him using his vibe on himself in the background. He was happy getting all dolled up and feminized. I was also to have slipped a Viagra in his coffee to get him worked up before I placed his chastity device on him, an extra cruel measure of course, to tease someone then lock up their cock so they couldn’t cum, awww, poor baby!

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