Ohhhh, She’s A Lady…..


Something not many of us get are lady callers to the phone sex lines. They come along once in a while, a few times a year usually for me, but this weekend I’ve had two of them, the horny naughty ladies are coming out of the woodwork it seems! I enjoy lady callers, they are longer, more polite and usually have same sex curiosities that have not been explored and they are reluctant to in real life, yet ok about doing so on the phone.

One lady that called had a husband that wasn’t interested in sex anymore and gone six months of the year and she was curious to try her own little thing, and calling girls on phone sex lines and masturbating with them and playing around with a real life girlfriend was another. Many times as women get older, they might start experimenting unlike other times in their life, since they realize life is short and there’s much more of it behind them than ahead of them and they don’t want to feel like they have missed out.

Experimenting with same sex relationships is just one of many things people seem to be exploring these days in their twilight years. She told me all about how she likes to masturbate with fruits and vegetables, that seems to be spreading in popularity, or else maybe I’m just hearing about it more, but I tell you, keep your eyes on the ladies with the cucumbers at the supermarket, you never know what plans they may have for it! You just might be surprised.

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